(Clearwisdom.net) The Sixth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China started on November 1 and concluded on November 24. The conference received more than 7300 submissions and 297 papers were published on the Minghui website [Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net]. The content of the sharing was rich; the participants were from all walks of life in China. From the sharing, we can see that in the harsh environment, practitioners follow the Fa, improve their xinxing, and overcome tribulations in the persecution.

Overview of the conference

Due to the shortage of manpower to handle the papers, the Minghui website only had four weeks for paper submission, two weeks shorter than before. The submissions started on September 9 and ended on October 10. The internet blockade in China around October 1 did not have any impact on the submissions. The number of papers, 7300, shows that the persecution cannot shake practitioners' solid belief.

Although only 297 papers were published, there were a lot good articles that were not published, which were full of righteous energy and manifested the authors' solid cultivation. They were not published only because they were not very well-written. The Minghui website will choose and edit some of them and publish them later as experience-sharing articles.

Practitioners' solid cultivation

The published papers have powerful righteous energy. One practitioner from China wrote in a letter to Minghui editors: "The conference has gone on for 10 days, and I read the sharing papers every day, not missing any of them. I am deeply touched by these papers. Sometimes I cannot help crying when reading their experiences in the persecution, and sometimes I laugh and smile because I am amused by their humor and wisdom. The papers are excellent. I cannot stop reading them."

One practitioner said: "The authors are from all walks of life in China, including scholars, intellectuals, government officials, military officials, workers, farmers and students. Their ages range from 15 to 93. The paths of their cultivation are different; their cultivation environments are different. But their goal of saving sentient beings and returning to one's true self is the same. During the 10-year long persecution, they did not give in to fear, walking on the path to godhood. One paper published on November 12 was written by an elderly practitioner. She was arrested, but she was not scared. She walked out of the police station with her supernormal power while six police were watching her. Later, even the police admitted, 'That old lady walked out with wheels under her feet.' It will be legendary for the people in the future."

Feedback from overseas practitioners

Many overseas practitioners expressed that they read the conference articles every day and benefited from them a lot.

Ms. Mao Huizhi from America said, "I like reading the articles very much. I cannot stop once I start reading. Sometimes I had to force myself to stop reading because I had some other Dafa projects to do."

Ms. Mao said, "I was deeply touched; every sharing was touching. When reading them, I felt that I was experiencing tribulations and joys along with the authors. I learned something from every article. The articles reminded me of my shortcomings; they also help me to solve my problems in cultivation. In China, if one doesn't cultivate well, he or she will encounter danger immediately. We don't have this problem in America, but we still need to be strict with ourselves and be diligent."

Mr. Xu Zhiwei from America said, "My biggest impression of the conference articles is what Master said in Hong Yin II--'Gods walk the earth, validating the Fa'. Practitioners in China demonstrate divine power in the human world, and the power stems from reading the Fa. Many practitioners mentioned that they memorize the Fa. When they assimilate to the Fa, they measure everything with Fa. When encountering a crisis, the power of the Fa will work. When a practitioner has righteous thoughts and righteous actions, he or she will have supernormal powers."

"I also saw my own shortcomings. These practitioners' experiences encouraged me. I decided to memorize the Fa, too. We don't have dangers in America, but it is easy for us to slack off, pursue comfort and develop attachment to fame and showing off, which will drag us down," Mr. Xu said. "Many practitioners shared how they convinced those who had quit practicing to resume cultivation. They encouraged them with the power of Fa, and many former practitioners came back to cultivation. Actually, there are some practitioners overseas who haven't stepped forward and their problems are similar to those in China. The sharing articles gave me some suggestions and ideas on how to clarify the truth to those practitioners and help them to catch up."

One Minghui editor who was involved in organizing the internet Fa conference, said: "Master has said in "Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital": '...the environment Dafa disciples have can temper people.' I can see practitioners' improvement. I read a lot of articles every day. Some of them have attachments, human notions or elements of showing off. But the articles from the internet Fa conference are different. Every author tells how they validate the Fa. The purity and energy in the articles truly shows the mighty virtue of the Fa. These articles help me to cultivate. They encourage me to read the Fa more."