Psychiatric Torture

The articles in this section relate to the abuse of psychiatry and the physical and mental torture that Falun Gong practitioners receive in China's mental health care facilities.

Completely healthy practitioners are often sent to psychiatric wards for the purpose of 1) discrediting Falun Gong, and 2) bringing great pressure to bear on those who resolutely adhere to their faith.

Treatment in these facilities is inhumane to the extreme, often involving injecting practitioners with dangerous, mind-altering drugs which are known to damage the nervous system. Electric shock "therapy" is also used frequently as a form of punishment for not renouncing one's faith.

Organizations such as the World Psychiatric Association (WPA), Human Rights Watch, and the Geneva Psychiatric Treatment Committee have reported on the abuse of psychiatry in China. The WPA has attempted to investigate the abuses of Falun Gong practitioners in Chinese mental wards but has been repeatedly denied access.