(Minghui.org) A person named Pham Xuan Giao in Vietnam recently recruited some people and went around with them everywhere. Their actions have been intense and extreme, and have not been on the Fa. Some have quit theirs jobs, and some have left their families. They are blindly promoting some of Pham Xuan Giao's ideas, while relying completely on fellow practitioners for room and board.


Pham Xuan Giao and others have disregarded their potential impact on society, not considered what others are able to accept, triggered confrontations and taken things to the extreme. For example, they asked some practitioners to jointly sign demands for revising the Vietnamese constitution and for the drafting of a new constitution, among other things. In addition, they have also altered the Falun emblem, creating some designs on their own that somewhat resemble the original but are different. They even have plans to get practitioners to form patterns that showcase these designs. Their actions have caused many people in society to misunderstand us, which in fact has had a severely damaging effect.


The world's people are all connected to Dafa. We are here to assist Master to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. Practitioners in various regions have devoted much time and energy to have established practice sites in some cities. It has taken practitioners clarifying the facts to those around them, one at a time, for a good many people to realize the greatness and beauty of Falun Gong. We cannot push away people who have predestined connections, and we cannot destroy the precious environment in which practitioners are cultivating and in which sentient beings are obtaining the Fa. How immense of a crime would it be, just to destroy one person? But if instead what's destroyed is the cultivation environment of an entire area, how could you possibly repay that?


We offer a few words to those who are following Pham: Think this over carefully. Why are you not taking the Fa as Teacher, but instead following a person? Why would you quit your job or leave your family behind to join the ranks of Pham's followers? When Pham and others organized people to form his patterns, claiming that this was the greatest historic mission and upon the task's completion, the cosmos's Fa rectification would come to an end and a new epoch would begin, why didn't you weigh those claims with Dafa as your measuring stick? Wasn't it because your attachments were too strong, namely the attachments to pursuing what's new and exotic, to time, and to striking it big?


We hope that Pham Xuan Giao will wake up, and focus his mind on studying the Fa well. If these mistakes are not corrected promptly, the consequences will be terrible indeed. Do not miss this ever so precious predestined opportunity of cultivation that does not come but once in millennia. Do not be unworthy of Master's grace in His arduous efforts to save us.


Falun Dafa Association

May 2, 2013