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Seizing the Time to Save People

Six months later I returned home to find that things had changed. My son was now in primary school. I dropped him off at school and picked him up afterward. I also cooked and did the household chores. I never felt there was enough time. 

Saving People with Text Messages

One time when I went to look for Ms. Li, I met Ms. Shi who had a spare cell phone that could be used to send text messages. When she offered it to me, I gladly accepted. I contacted Mr. Ren who knew how to use it. I was so excited! With his help, I learned to send text messages as well as texts with pictures attached. I knew this was Master Li's compassionate arrangement.

I composed my own text messages. I chose the contents for each recipient and sent the texts to the phone numbers the other practitioners gave me. It was very effective in saving people. 

When we were working to rescue practitioners being held in custody, I sent texts to people involved in persecuting them. As a result, the persecution was not as severe. 

This gradually became less effective. The Minghui website showed how to play recordings over the phone, which were well received. I usually phoned people for three hours each day. Many people listened to the entire message. I also helped several people quit the CCP. It was just as Master said: 

“Awareness of Dafa is spreading to each houseLives are rescued, minds gradually awakenedWaking, police and citizens cease to obstruct”
(“Glimpses of Goodness,” Hong Yin III)

But when SIM cards began being tagged with the purchaser’s name, I had safety concerns and decided to switch to another project. 

Gradually things got better. My child attends a school close to my mother and she helps care for him. 

Reaching Out to People in Rural Areas

A large brochure, Eternity, was posted on the Minghui website. It's very comprehensive and has all the basic facts about Dafa. I thought it was very powerful. As soon as they opened it, people would probably read it. I couldn’t wait to hand it out. 

After I talked with a few practitioners, we decided that each of us would share the work. Practitioners from our local material printing center would prepare the brochure, and Ms. Lin and I would take care of the distribution. Our area is mostly rural, so there's a large area to cover. Some routes were more complicated than others. Some were very far away. We delivered more than 100,000 copies and it took us 20 months. 

Each time we brought 800 to 1,000 copies. Traveling hundreds of miles, we had to overcome many difficulties and let go of many attachments. Except for in extremely bad weather, we’d go out every other night. Before I set out, I had to wait for my son to finish his homework and go to bed. By the time I got home it was 2 or 3 a.m. or sometimes 5 a.m. Then I had to take him to school. 

Although I endured a lot of hardship, my focus was on saving people. When I remembered that some would never get another chance to learn the truth, I was able to forget about any hardship or fatigue I felt. 

Master helped us. Ms. Lin drove us on her motorcycle. Her task was to try to get as close as possible to each household. My job was to deliver the brochure to the entrance. Sometimes a brochure would slide in under the door, sometimes I stood it up against the door. Sometimes she drove too fast, and I almost missed my target. Then the brochure would suddenly turn and land on the doorstep. 

I have run into many dangerous situations handing out materials. One time Ms. Lin forgot to get her brakes fixed. As we sped down a sharp slope, she remembered. Fortunately, Master protected us. The motorcycle was stopped by a branch and didn’t go straight down to the bottom of the cliff. 

A few times we were noticed, followed, and stopped. One time we were besieged by more than 20 people. They demanded to search our belongings. Protected by Master, we managed to get away. 

Using Every Opportunity to Save People

The other practitioners trusted me, and I became the local coordinator. When practitioners began suing the former CCP head in 2015, I was the first one to mail in my suit. I talked with local practitioners to encourage them. 

In every area, one practitioner was responsible for collecting the facts, evidence, and subsequent losses we and our family members incurred due to this former leader. This information was given to a practitioner with technical knowledge to take care of the composition and layout. It was then returned to the practitioner mail. In our area, 99% of our practitioners sent in their suits to bring the former head to justice. Not one practitioner was arrested afterward. 

I'm Arrested

I always wanted to clarify the facts to people face-to-face. In May 2019, Ms. Chen and I went to another area to talk to people. The person in charge of the village saw us and reported us. The police arrested us and took us to the local police station. They searched our motorcycle and found our materials. They confiscated my I.D, so they were able to look up my information. Since we refused to cooperate with them, they threatened me by saying that I could be sentenced. 

Two people came for a “conversation.” One was the Domestic Security Department team leader. I remembered that he was there to be saved, so I remained calm and polite as I clarified the facts to him. He was afraid I would sway him, so he kept interrupting me. But I kept talking. Eventually my attitude impressed him and he began to listen.

I said, “We are not like what’s shown on TV. I haven't harmed anyone, I just practice my spiritual belief.” I pointed out that millions of Chinese have been killed during the CCP's many political movements. Everything the CCP has done has proved wrong, including the persecution of Dafa. Then I asked him to release me.

They left. Ms. Chen and I were being held in separate rooms. Soon I began to have some negative thoughts. What if I were sentenced? I told myself: “All these negative thoughts came from the old forces.” I immediately dispelled them. Master said: 

“But all the same, Master doesn't acknowledge them. And you shouldn't acknowledge them either. Do things well in an upright and dignified way, negate them, and strengthen your righteous thoughts some. "I'm Li Hongzhi's disciple, I don't want other arrangements or acknowledge them"--then they won't dare to do that. So it can all be resolved. When you can really do that, not just saying it but putting it into action, Master will definitely stand up for you.” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

Later, the team leader brought two people to see me. When I asked them if they worked for the 610 Office, they didn’t answer. They said that I was undermining law enforcement. I said, “What law were we undermining? You know, the CCP head could be overthrown and persecuted to death in prison, same as Falun Dafa.” The team leader applauded what I’d said. Then they left.

The police took us to the detention center. When they checked my blood pressure, it really high. I knew benevolent Master created this illusion for me. The person from the detention center told them to take me to a hospital for another exam but the results were the same.

I felt that I would be released very soon, so I let up in sending forth righteous thoughts. Back in the detention center, the registrar said I needed a letter to show that I had heart disease, so they took me back to the hospital for another exam. Miraculously, I appeared to have heart disease, so the doctor produced a report to show that. On my way back to the detention center, I continuously sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate this persecution. The detention center registrar said he’d have to wait for his supervisor to make a decision. 

A police officer told me that the outcome depended on me. I understood that this was a hint to send strong righteous thoughts. I slightly closed my eyes, then sent strong righteous thoughts while asking for Master’s help. I saw Master in an orange robe on top of the forced labor camp. When he did two large hand gestures I understood he resolved the tribulation for me. Two minutes later, the registrar told me I could go. On my way out, a police officer told me that I could very likely be sentenced. 

I had many emotions. Master said:

“When you encounter a tribulation, that great compassion will help you overcome it. At the same time, my Law Bodies will look after you and protect your life, but you will still have to go through the ordeal.” (Chapter IIIFalun Gong)

“Of course, though, you are Dafa disciples who made vows beforehand after all, and your lives co-exist with Dafa. With such an enormous Fa here, the Fa will be with you when your thoughts are righteous, and this is the greatest assurance.” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

After I got home, I analyzed what happened. I realized the reason I was persecuted was due to my attachment to my mother. My mother began to practice in 1999. She appeared to have symptoms of illness in 2017. As a result, she was unable to move half of her body. 

I was trying to help her to make a breakthrough, but she always focused on the symptoms. When I read the relevant articles from the Minghui website, she didn’t take them to heart. I was very anxious and deeply attached to her. I was moved by her cultivation state instead of viewing her as a practitioner. As a result, I wasn’t on the Fa and the old forces took advantage. Her situation was an opportunity for me to cultivate and improve. I should have remembered that my mother is a fellow practitioner. 

Recalling my cultivation path over the past 20 years, I have so many things to share. I truly appreciate Master’s saving grace. Only by working more diligently and doing the three things well can I fulfill my vows. 

Thank you, Master!