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Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the China Fahui. I would like to share how I have let go of the attachment to material gains, and how I talked to people about Falun Dafa as a practitioner and a businessman.

Working with Peers As a Practitioner

Before practicing Falun Dafa, I hardly interacted with peers and there was a barrier between us. After becoming a practitioner, I purified my mind by understanding the Dafa principles and remained humble.

As Master Li asked practitioners to save people, I had to start with my peers since they may have a predestined relationship with me. I took the initiative to approach them and discussed business-related topics. When manufacturers I visited had other clients, I would invite some to dine out. During the meal, I would tell them about Falun Dafa and quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After this happened a few times, I built a relationship with them.

During business meals, one peer might introduce me to others, “He is the leader for all of us in this county. He is a great person and runs his business very well. His only shortcoming is not drinking alcohol, because of practicing Falun Dafa.” Whenever this happened, I would clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and explain why one would benefit from quitting the CCP organizations. It often worked well.

Once a couple from another province came here for debt collection. Their business was small and it was on the edge bankruptcy. During a meal, the wife said, “We already shipped our goods, but we were not paid – It is several million yuan. We are desperate now.” Seeing both of them depressed, I told them the Dafa principle of “no loss, no gain.” “When people owe you lots of money and refuse to pay, they are giving you lots of de (virtue) and probably will face disasters. Nothing is accidental, and please do not worry too much about it. Plus, we all know that ‘good is rewarded with good, and evil meets evil’. ” The couple was very thankful after hearing this. “What you said does make lots of sense. I was feeling so bad a moment ago, and now I have found a way to deal with the issue,” she said.

Doing business involves lots of secrets, such as information about suppliers, their profit margin, and distribution network. Although peers may know some things in general, everyone has his or her secrets. Since I have some business partners in other cities, some peers asked me if I could share some client information. I was often glad to provide clients’ phone numbers and credibility. I was sincerely helping these peers, and hoping their products could sell well there.

When new clients purchase goods from me, they sometimes asked if there were alternatives to a wholesaler. People normally do not share this information. But, considering myself a practitioner, I often told them without hesitation. My wife was very upset by my candor. “How can you tell them this? It is a trade secret. If they all purchase goods from other places, how can we survive?” She was very angry and tossed things around the house. I replied, “If the money belongs to us, no one can take it away. Things will be fine.”

Later on, other peers also referred some clients to me. Upon arriving at my warehouse, they would tell me about my reputation – being honest and successful. I told my wife about this and she was happy too.

Master said,

“Even if your house is built with gold bricks, you don’t have it in your mind and don’t think much of it. People have all kinds of jobs while they cultivate among everyday people. You make money when you do business—what does that matter if you don’t have it in mind? If you don’t think much about it and it doesn’t make any difference whether you have it or not, you’ve passed this test. ” (Lectures in the United States “Teaching the Fa in New York City”) 

“For those of us who practice in the world, it doesn’t matter how rich or powerful you may be, or whether you are self-employed and work alone, or have a business to run, or do any type of business: the key is to deal fairly and act with integrity.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun

This is Master's Fa that was essential for me to be able to discipline myself. Not only following it myself, I also recommended to my clients that they “deal fairly and act with integrity.”

If I made a mistake in the past, I would correct it without saying a word. Now when that happened, I would apologize to clients and make sure they would not suffer losses. Interestingly, I found that my peers respected me more. Sometimes if I missed dining out with them, one might ask, “We were all waiting for you to talk about Dafa principles you've learned.” My daughters also noticed my changes. “Dad, you're different now,” said my second daughter. “In the past you hardly noticed other people. Now you are very humble.” I told them it was Falun Dafa that changed me. I also came to understand that, the higher a being is, the more humble he might become.

When several other business owners and I met to talk about learning from merchants in another city, one of them interrupted me and said, “What you said sounds great. But your wife always sells harmful counterfeit products. Everybody knows it.” Shocked to hear that, people looked at me, worrying I might fight back as I used to. But, considering myself a practitioner and remembering that I used to take advantage of him, I dismissed it. At dinner, I apologized to that person, and everything returned to normal. He also began to accept the facts about Falun Dafa from then on.

I also found that, when practitioners maintain compassion and interact with others well, we could influence people positively. Once a client said I looked kind and calm, just like a well-known monk. She then showed me the picture from social media. I noticed that the smile of the monk was a little weird. But nonetheless, I appreciated that everyday people could link Dafa practitioners with compassion and uprightness. After all, we practitioners are guided by Dafa principles, and we could gain understandings that monks want but are unable to find.

Principles of Successful Business

My understanding is that maintaining righteous thoughts and remaining upright will yield a successful business; otherwise, we might face troubles. Practitioners who are running a business have no reference to follow. Rather, we have to act according to Dafa principles and meet the practitioners xinxing requirements. Running a business can be tiring and complicated, but we can always cultivate our mind nature.

Once a friend asked me, “What is your secret for success?” I shook my head. In fact, I did not receive management training, nor did I spend much time thinking about strategies. To me, just working normally would earn the money if it belongs to me. As a Dafa disciple, the most important thing is to do the three things well and other things would follow.

One businessman asked me, “You treat employees well, and I do the same. You gave bonuses, and I did that too. But, when I was not around, my employees just fool around and do not work hard. On the contrary, your people need little supervision and they work hard. Tell me, how did you do that?” I said with a smile, “If you practice Falun Dafa in the future you will understand that. True compassion can change everything.” An everyday person can be nice to others for seeking returns, even though he or she does not say it explicitly. Dafa practitioners, on the other hand, are genuinely considerate of others.

During employee meetings, I often told some stories collected by practitioners on traditional Chinese culture (such as Benevolent Mr. Wang). These stories were told by the divine Chinese culture, and they wake up people’s conscience. 

The position of a cashier is very important for a business. But for me, anyone could sit there. When a practitioner comes to talk with me or I need to go out for something, I would casually pick an employee to be the cashier. I do not worry about that, and the employee would consider it an honor and does not let me down.

If any employee had a gathering, such as a wedding or funeral, I would attend and talk about Falun Dafa. When they need to buy an apartment, I often go with them and help find one. When they need to borrow money, it is common for me to lend them some. After I lent 140,000 yuan to an employee, her friends were very moved and said to her, “Nowadays even parents may not lend money to their adult children. You are so lucky!” When I lent 100,000 yuan to another employee, she was in tears and said, “Even my mother did not lend me this much money. If I do not work hard here, my mother would not accept it!” Their thankfulness comes from their kind nature. For me, however, it was as if nothing had happened. I actually always feel happy helping them.

For traditional Chinese holidays such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, or the Chinese New Year, I always hand out bonuses to employees. That may consist of rice, oil, fish, and so on. One time it added up to seven items. People who heard about this said to me, “These employees are so fortunate working here. No wonder they are all so diligent.” When it was raining, two employees did not have rain gear. I immediately went to a supermarket and bought two raincoats for them. They were very moved.

Before the Chinese New Year holiday, I always reminded them to tell friends and relatives about Falun Dafa. This always worked well. Sometimes when employees invited me to their homes, I would tell their parents about Falun Dafa. They had heard good words about the workplace and accepted what I said to them.

Over the pasts 20 years, I never needed to take medicines, and I was always healthy. People were surprised, and I always gave credit to Falun Dafa. At work, I seldom reprimanded employees. The place was relaxed, although I did provide feedback without hurting anyone. I trusted employees but did not leave things unattended. I gave rewards based on merit. One employee used to be a trouble-maker, and her parents did not know what to do. Later on, she changed a lot and once remembered to check if the roof leaked in the storage room during a heavy thunderstorm. I praised her many times for that.

To me, the principles of business are not complicated. Our own personality will determine the management style, and we will be judged by our actions. Truly trusting employees and motivating them to do their best will make the business successful.

Truly Considerate of Others

Some clients had small businesses. They did not purchase much, and yet took lots of time. Occasionally my wife was upset by that and gave them a bad look. I tried to console her saying our business also started from a small scale in the beginning. When such clients came, I usually offered to help them select goods, while clearing away misunderstandings of Falun Dafa, as well as quitting the CCP. All clients look the same to me, regardless of their business size. Plus, things change from time to time, and a small business may become big or vice versa.

When clients came from far away regions, they may have to run some errands and catch the bus to go back. Seeing them in a hurry, I purchased a bike for them to use. “Plus, if you need anything or did not bring enough money, just let me know,” I said to them.

These things may seem trivial, but they are of great help. Sometimes when a client was in a rush when checking out, they may take out a stack of cash placing it on the table and said, “You take whatever is needed for the payment. I will be back shortly.” I was often moved by such trust since that represents their confidence in practitioners who follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Some people who just start a business tend to purchase inexpensive products. But, most of them are clearance items and are difficult to sell. Before practicing Dafa, I specifically recommended them to new clients to make money. Right now, however, things have turned around, and I often warned new clients that these inexpensive products do not sell well. People were thankful for this.

One winter evening when the store was about to close, a girl in her 20s came in. She was from another city and looked to be in a hurry. “I want to open a retail store and purchase some goods. Could you help me?” she asked shyly. “Sorry, it’s too late today. Please come back tomorrow,” my wife replied, ready to close the door.
“I already bought my return trip ticket for tomorrow morning,” she looked at me pleadingly. “Fine, please take your time and pick out whatever you need,” I said.

I helped the girl choose products that might work for her. When she picked up some cheap items, I said, “They don’t sell well; better avoid them.” She looked at me in surprise, “Why are you being so nice to me?” I smiled and explained what it means to be a Dafa practitioner. “Well, since you are so good, I believe whatever you told me,” she said.

After we'd packed up her goods, it was already dark outside. The streetlights were on and there were few pedestrians. “How will you get to the bus station?” I asked. “I'll walk,” she replied.

I knew it would be difficult for her, since she was in an unfamiliar place and the bus station was far away. I was debating if I should help her, but I knew such hesitation came from my selfishness. “I'll help you,” I said.

I put the goods on my bike and walked with her to the bus station. After getting her settled, I was ready to leave. I said, “Go eat something and take a break.” “I spent all my money in your store,” she replied. “Bit I will be fine. Tomorrow morning the bus will take me home.”

I was surprised at the sadness in her voice. People are struggling just to survive. Were they never to know Dafa, what kind of future would await them? “There is a fast food place nearby and we can eat together,” I said. But she was hesitant. I told her I needed to eat anyway, and it would be nicer not to have to eat alone.

She thanked me after we ate. “Only my mother is nice to me. I never expected to meet such a good person,” she said. “All Falun Dafa practitioners are like me,” I replied, “If you run into difficulty, just ask around and practitioners will help you.”

What I did not expect was that this plain girl would become a big boss in just a few years. She bought hundreds of thousands of yuan worth of goods from me every year. Every time we met, she would talk about the first time she came in. “If you have the products, I will not get them anyplace else,” she said and invited me to visit her sometime.

In a development zone in the county seat, one business closed and the owner had a debt of almost one million yuan. His creditors harassed him to pay up, and he was very frustrated and could not eat. “Please don’t worry about my 5,000 yuan,” I said to him. “If you have money, you can pay the others first.” He was very moved and was grateful to me and Dafa.

A New Understanding of Money

My oldest daughter was married and her husband was good at management. I, on the other hand, did not know how to grow the business further. I thought about giving the business to them, and meanwhile was debating this would be a big loss to me. In my mind, however, I also knew my purpose of coming to this world is for Dafa and sentient beings, not money. Since someone is there ready to replace me, I should just step aside. So I gave all the assets, valued at tens of millions of yuan, to them.

When first retiring from the position, I felt empty and lonely. Manufacturers, clients, and shipping companies no longer contacted me. All of them were leaving me like kites without strings, and there were very few phone calls. Now, I have a better understanding of life. How many things in this world, or how much of our assets really belong to us? People often say that having enough money to make a living is enough. But everyone is still thinking of making more and more. Where does the fortune go in the end? We may think it is left to our children. But if we really think about it, it is similar to giving it to strangers because once cut off, the asset has nothing to do with us.

Had I not been a practitioner, I would not have given the assets to my children. Plus, my son-in-law is technically not my blood relative. But, Dafa helped me understand this.
It's been said that saving a wealthy person is more difficult than having a camel go through the eye of a needle. After cultivating in Dafa for 20 years, a camel like me finally got through the eye. Once a sorry stiff that needed daily medication to survive, I am now a new person. It is the mighty virtue of Dafa and Master that changed me.

I did not waste these 20 years either. Every year, every month, and every day I was doing the three things. No matter how busy I was with the business, I always stopped what I was doing and did not miss sending forth righteous thoughts. When I visited my hometown, I often clarified the truth about Falun Dafa.

Before practicing Dafa, I earned over 100 yuan per month. Right now, I receive social security of more than 3,000 yuan per month. Although, I could spend more money, what I eat and wear is very simple. After spending so many years managing a business, I have a deeper understanding of money right now.

For a while, money looked strange and foreign, as if it had nothing to do with me. I found this a little odd since I had been spending so many years making money—working hard to make a profit before practicing Dafa, and continuing doing so afterward although taking it lightly. So how come money looks so unfamiliar to me now?

Sometimes seeing people so busy making money, it was difficult to understand them. I asked myself, what are they doing? It was probably because I have been through that, and my mind has become pure. I can understand ordinary people. Occasionally my wife is calculating the rent we are collecting from several properties and wants to save more. I said to her, “No matter how much money you accumulate, it is just a number. From ancient times until now, people have been working hard to make money to feel good. No one knows where the money went in the end.”


Many things have happened in my 20 years on the cultivation path. It is like a book with good chapters of overcoming tribulations well, as well as bad chapters of failing some of the tests. Sometimes I was also frustrated over my slow progress.

But, regardless of sunshine or rain, I always kept doing the three things. The progress at every step would not be possible without Master’s compassionate help. It is Falun Dafa and Master who have purified me and brought me out of this filthy environment. I am always grateful to Dafa and Master.

It seems 20 years is a long time, and I have many things to share. Still, I found myself doing rather poorly, and hesitated to say more. It is encouragement from fellow practitioners and Master’s help that makes it possible for me to turn it into an experience-sharing paper, to validate the mighty virtue of Master and Dafa.