(Minghui.org) I am a 76-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner. I began to practice Dafa in 1998. Despite hardship and tribulations, I have been able to walk diligently to this day and have experienced the protection of our compassionate Master.

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

I was born with a disability that made me feel inferior to other people. My legs and feet were deformed and atrophied, and it was very difficult for me to walk. The nerve palsy slowed my reactions and thinking. My internal organs were not fully developed and didn’t work well. Endocrine disorders caused overall soreness and swelling that could only be alleviated by sleeping more. I had cancer as a teenager and had to have major surgery. The doctors told my classmates that I might only live a few days after the operation. During the first half of my life, I was close to death many times.

After I was offered a job, I worked very hard and did quite well, but some people were jealous and harmed me. One can only imagine how difficult my life was! It seemed like everyone was against me, and my life was a nightmare. However, a fortuneteller once told me, “You are being watched over and you will not die. In the future, you won’t have to worry about how to get by.” He said that my life would benefit everyone around me. Thus, I understood that I had to stay alive however much I had to endure. Remembering the fortuneteller’s words, I decided to wait for the day when my life would turn around.

A former classmate I had not heard from for more than a year approached me in 1997 and introduced me to Falun Dafa. Through diligently studying the Fa, I understood that our compassionate Master had been protecting me all those years. Master changed my life and helped me understand that I needed to fulfill my mission to assist Master to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings.

After practicing Dafa, I recovered from my ailments and my mind was purified. My body was just like a normal person’s. This made me truly happy!

Master said,

“Humans Came to this world to await the FaThe kind ones will return home to heavensReincarnating over thousands of yearsComing to the world just for this chance”(“Coming To The World Just For This Chance,” Hong Yin IV)

“All of the gong and Fa lie in the book, and one will naturally obtain them by reading Dafa. Those who learn it will change automatically, and they will already be in the Dao when they read the book over and over again. Teacher will certainly have Law Bodies (fashen) safeguarding them quietly. With perseverance, they will certainly achieve Righteous Attainment in the future.” (“Seeking Discipleship with Teacher,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

I truly cherish the cultivation opportunities that Master has given me. I want to firmly cultivate in Dafa, validate Dafa, and fulfill my historical mission.

It has been more than 20 years since I started to do the three things that Master asked us to do. I read between two and three lectures in Zhuan Falun and then study other Fa teachings. I try my best to immerse myself in the Fa, let the Fa cleanse me, and keep a strong righteous mind.

In the past, people claimed that I would not be able to cultivate successfully. I try to eliminate these negative recollections from my mind and work hard on eliminating my strong thought karma. I firmly believe that only Master has the final say on everything, so I only believe in Master. I only do what Master tells me to do. It is an immense honor that Master allows me to practice Dafa. Master has given me so much, and all I can do is cultivate myself well and try my best to save more sentient beings.

Awakening People’s Consciences

Validating Dafa and saving sentient beings is what I must do every day. To get people to truly understand, I tell them how I improved after I began to practice Dafa. When I run into former classmates and colleagues, they are astonished when they notice how healthy I am and ask, “How did you get so much younger and healthier?” I tell them it is because I have been practicing Falun Dafa. I then clarify the truth about Dafa, tell them about its power when it comes to healing, and why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is persecuting it. I also ask them to recite “Falun Dafa is good” and, if they show no objection, I give them an amulet.

If the people don’t know me, I ask them to recite “Falun Dafa is good,” when they face interference. I tell them my experience as an example of how miraculous Dafa is.

Before the 2020 New Year I introduced Dafa to a shop manager, who then said she wanted to read Falun Dafa books. When I brought them to her the books, she agreed to quit the CCP with her real name.

Stopping Police Harassment

When I was arrested some years ago, I told the police how Falun Dafa had changed me from someone severely disabled to a healthy person. After investigating, they discovered that what I told them was the truth, and they eased up on harassing me. A director even apologized to my family that day. From then on, the police never came to my home to harass me again.

My feet are still not strong, and I fall down from time to time, but I don’t get hurt. Once, at 7 p.m., I fell at the top of the fourth-floor stairs and rolled down the stairs to the third floor. I made two turns and hit the metal door on the left side of the third floor, where one of my coworkers—who’d refused to talk to me for years—lived. My fall made a huge sound and her family didn’t dare to open their door. When they found out what happened, they thought that I might have died.

When I went out the next day and saw several coworkers, they asked me why I didn’t stay home since I was hurt. I said that I practiced Falun Dafa and I was protected by Master, so I didn’t get injured. I rolled up my sleeves and showed them and they were stunned. In particular, the coworker who never talked to me greeted me and spoke to me. During the recent demolition of our building, she reminded me many times, “Pay attention to your safety and talk less. The demolition office has been paying you extra attention.” Her reminder really helped me get prepared, and I successfully dealt with the inquiries from the demolition office.

Telling the Truth about Dafa at the Demolition Office

In October 2019, the residential building where I lived was going to be demolished, and a mobilization meeting was held. After the meeting, the director of the street office and the director of the residential community came to visit me. They asked me about my health and if I would have any problems with the move. I knew that all they wanted was a confirmation from me, since I was the only person who needed compensation. I knew that I must not fight for material interests, so I told them that I did not expect my family or I would have any problems and that l would take care of everything and sign the agreement on time.

They saw that I was doing well, and they were satisfied with what I told them, so they left without causing any interference for me.

On the morning of January 16, 2020, when my husband and I went to the demolition office to sign the contracts, the staff brought the street secretary in. In front of nearly 20 staff members, the secretary said to us with a smile on his face, “You don’t look as if you are in your 70s! You don’t have wrinkles on your face. My father is only a little older than you but his health is much worse! How do you do it?” There were a lot of people there including several directors and some plainclothes policemen. I had thought about what I would say, so I just said, “I try to exercise every day.”

He asked again, “What kind of exercise?” I was still hesitating, but my husband, who is not a practitioner, said, “She got well after practicing Falun Dafa.” Then he talked about how bad my health was before and how my health improved after I practiced Dafa. The secretary nodded and nodded, and everyone was listening. After my husband finished, the secretary smiled and said as if summing it up, “Health matters the most!” No one present had any unusual reactions. Whenever we went there again for other things, the people there always treated us nicely.

Cooperating with Fellow Practitioners to Clarify the Truth and Save People

Fellow practitioners need truth-clarification materials to clarify the truth, and sometimes it is difficult to get them. I decided to deliver the materials. Perhaps this was what Master had arranged for me as part of my mission to save people. Whenever the materials are ready, I try to deliver them to other practitioners as quickly as possible, no matter how far away they live. I also help with distributing currency bills that have truth-clarification printed phrases on them. I first give the bills I have to practitioners who print the phrases on them. Once I get them back, I distribute them to practitioners who then give me unprinted bills.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I had to deliver materials to even more practitioners. I was always very busy getting materials, dividing and packing them, and delivering them, but I knew that this special period was a great time for more people to understand the truth about Dafa and be saved, so I was very happy. If there is too much work, I ask my husband to help me do the dividing and packing.

This task is not easy to do, physically or financially, and security is always a concern. It is even harder for someone like me who has difficulty walking. Whenever I feel pressured, I recite Master’s Fa,

“The countless years of hardship were all for this time.” (“To All Dafa Disciples Around the World and in Mainland China, A Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!” The Essentials of Diligent Progress III)

No matter how difficult it is or how tired I feel, I know I must do well. Nothing can stop me because I know Master is protecting me.

When the backpack feels so heavy that I don’t think I can walk anymore, I ask Master for help, and then I feel that my backpack is suddenly much lighter and I no longer feel tired. In comparison, the empty backpack actually feels heavier on my way home. Sometimes when I am very tired on the bus, someone sees there is a problem with my feet and offers me his or her seat. I thank the person, and then thank Master for taking care of me.

A lot of times when we encounter issues or special circumstances, for security reasons we often cannot discuss the issue in person or on the phone. One time I was going to a nearby city to print phrases on currency bills but had another appointment and couldn’t go. A fellow practitioner happened to be going there, so I asked her to take the money. I wrapped the cash in small bundles and gave them to her. She was in a hurry, so I just told her the total amount and didn’t re-count it. Two hours later, I found out that I had miscounted by a large amount—I’d given her far more than what I’d told her. I quickly called her and asked her to count the money, but she had already handed it all over to the practitioners who were printing the phrases.

I have been working with those practitioners for several years, so I knew how their team worked. They usually put the cash from different practitioners into one pile and then divided it among the team to do the printing. Then they would return the printed bills to us according to the amount we submitted.

I remembered the dream I had the previous night—I lost 5,000 yuan. Why didn’t it get my attention so that I would be more careful? I said to myself, “It looks like I will just need to donate the amount that I miscounted. It was my own fault.”

After a couple of weeks, the practitioner brought the money back after the phrases were printed on them. I asked how much it was. She said it was whatever I had given her, because it did not get mixed in with the other piles. I quickly counted it, and the full amount was there.

When the CCP started to monitor practitioners more closely, some practitioners asked me, “Aren’t you afraid? You often carry these materials in big backpacks.” I said, “This is something that Master arranged for me to do. Fellow practitioners need these materials, so I must do it. There will be no problem with Master’s protection.”

Indeed, I was able to do everything relatively smoothly. I was in dangerous situations only twice, but I was safe both times. That was 10 years ago. I was reported when I was delivering materials and the police detained me. But with Master’s protection, fellow practitioners’ vigorous rescue efforts, and my righteous thoughts, I was soon released from the detention center.

Three years ago, I took a long-distance bus home with three bags of truth-clarification bills and materials. When the bus drove into a toll station, dozens of special police surrounded it. Some of the officers got on the bus with guns and electric batons and searched all the passengers. It turned out they were searching for a suspected terrorist with bombs!

There were only a handful of passengers on the bus, and no one else had a bag. There were more police officers than passengers, and they were inspecting the entire bus. I was very worried about the three bags I’d put under the seat by the window. I felt that my heart was shrinking and my head was about to explode, but my mind was still clear. I knew that I now had to let go of life and death, and I asked Master to help me out of this dangerous situation. I said in my heart, “Master, those materials help save people. I cannot let the police persecute Dafa practitioners and hinder sentient beings from being saved. Master, please help me!” Then I sent strong righteous thoughts. The police inspected the entire bus but did not see my bags. They only looked at the senior passenger card I handed them. They then let the bus go.

Submitting the Names of People Who Quit the CCP

When I delivered materials to other practitioners, they often give me lists of names of those who’d quit the CCP. I then organize the list and enter the names on the Epoch Times website. Over the past nine years, I have entered more than 100,000 names.

The most memorable time was at the end of December a few years ago, when I received a list of more than 1,000 names. I sorted them into dozens of lists to be submitted to the Epoch Times website, but for some reason, I could not connect to the Internet even after many tries. I thought maybe it was caused by the CCP blocking the Internet. I was afraid that they would track and monitor me if I kept trying, so I thought about shutting down the computer and waiting until the next day to try again. But as soon as I had that thought, the bottom of the screen showed “Don’t shut down the computer, wait and try again,” “the Network is normal,” and similar messages, again and again. I realized that it was Master instructing me on what to do, so I just followed the messages. I sent a few lists and waited a while, and then sent another batch and waited a while, until I had entered all the lists.

After I submitted the last list, I saw that the indoor temperature was only 13C, but my face felt very hot. My back felt a little cold, though, and when I touched it, I was shocked to find that my clothes were soaked with sweat. It might have been a reflection of the fierce battle between good and evil in another dimension raging in my body!

Carrying heavy loads and delivering materials has been a great help in my cultivation. It’s allowed me to endure hardships, eliminate karma, and strengthen righteous thoughts and self-confidence. I also learned to handle losses, endured humiliation, and became tolerant. My xinxing greatly improved as a result.

Spreading the Truth During the Pandemic

When the pandemic broke out during the 2020 Chinese New Year, there were notices posted everywhere such as “Do Not Travel,” “Do Not Gather,” “Wear a Mask,” and so on. All the shops were closed. Buses ran every half an hour instead of every few minutes, and most times there were only one or two people on a bus. People with red sleeves were using loudspeakers to persuade people to go home and not stay outside. All of this increased my sense of urgency. Dafa practitioners must hurry up and help more people to understand the truth.

I did not rest for even one day during the pandemic—I tried my hardest to clarify the truth and to save people. The streets near me did not close, but people were only allowed to walk alone and had to maintain a social distance. Most residential communities became very strict and required residents to register when entering and exiting. However, the community where I lived was being demolished, so no one was guarding the entrance. This allowed me to go out to clarify the truth and save people. I was able to deliver materials to fellow practitioners on a regular basis as usual. The only difference was that, more often than before, when I got there, I could not make contact with the practitioner who was supposed to pick up the materials, and I would have to carry them back home. But I did not mind and I was not afraid of the trouble of going back the next day.

I spent half a day every day going out to clarify the truth and save people. During the pandemic, everyone tried to stay home and kept a certain distance when they had to go out. Everyone was extra cautious when talking to people. It made handing out materials and clarifying the truth face-to-face very difficult. I mainly distributed fliers about Dafa. I also use two mobile phones to clarify the truth. One is a regular phone that sends clarifying texts. The other one works as a mobile station, and people nearby can receive the messages if their screens are on. The messages I send are “Falun Dafa is good,” “Quit the CCP to be safe,” “Treat Dafa well and be blessed,” and so on.

To avoid the surveillance cameras and police cars, I would walk as I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors and would look for places to put fliers on people’s vehicles and store doors. I also only use bills with truth-clarification messages on them when I make purchases.

After the pandemic began, I found that using the mobile station phone alone worked better than using both phones. During the first couple of weeks, only about a dozen people received the phrases. But the number kept increasing and soon there were about 200 daily. When the pandemic situation improved later in 2020, the number again increased to between 200 and 400 daily and sometimes even reached 1,000 when I went out twice a day.

One morning, a practitioner asked for some truth-clarification bills, but when I went there, we were not able to get in touch. So I decided to deliver them the following day to another practitioner’s home, which was in the same community. When I entered the gate, the security guard was staring in my direction, but he just didn’t see me, so I got in without a problem. I arrived at the practitioner’s home and explained the situation. She said that in a dream the night before she heard someone telling her, “There is truth-clarification money under your pillow,” and then I arrived early in the morning. We both thanked Master for helping me.

Another morning I went to the bank to get money, and I used the mobile phone to send out messages along the way. When I got to the bank, I saw a police car and remembered that I hadn’t turned off the phone. I wondered, “Did the police already receive the texts and would they trouble me? No, the police also need to understand the truth and be saved. It’s good if they received it.” But for security reasons, I hoped that I would not need to register at the bank.

When I entered the bank gate, the security guard tried to check my temperature. He scanned several areas on me but couldn’t get a reading. He said, “Why won’t it register your temperature? You don’t have a temperature? Forget it, you can go in!” When I was done and on my way out, the security guard said that I needed to register. “Register for what?” I asked. He glanced at me again and said, “Forget it, you don’t have to register. Go ahead!” I knew Master had protected me again and I thanked him in my heart.

I always took my phone with me to send out messages, even when I went shopping or rode the bus.

A co-worker who understood the truth told me, “My husband did not believe the truth-clarification information you told him and refused to quit the CCP. He had lung cancer and was screaming in pain in his final days. I then told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good,” and this time he listened. The pain gradually subsided, and he passed away peacefully a few days later. After his death, his face was calm and peaceful, and his skin had a nice tone.” I said this was because his soul was saved.

I remembered that Master once said that many people have yet to express their views on Dafa. I feel that I should really make use of the cell phone to clarify the truth so that more people have an opportunity to hear the truth and be saved. Thus, I insist on taking the phone with me wherever I go. I try to go out twice a day and most days between 700 to 900 people receive my texts. Of course, receiving a message does not mean the person accepts it, but it is an opportunity for them to be exposed to the truth.

Thank you, Master, for your arrangements and meticulous help and for taking care of me! I am forever grateful to Master!