(Minghui.org) A few years ago, the area I lived in was demolished by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Within a few months many villages were razed to the ground. I suddenly had no land or source of income. I went from being a farmer to having to move to the city. In reality I was poorer. I was forced to rent a place. I was troubled by financial woes but then I thought, “The CCP treats people so badly, isn’t this a chance for everyone to see its true nature? What do I have to be afraid of? Master is taking care of me. It does not matter whether I am wealthy or poor, I am still cultivating.”

When I calmed down, things took a turn for the better. Through a friend, I got a job at a supermarket. The proprietor observed that I was easygoing and let me lease a small vegetable stall. As soon as I took over, the business grew in leaps and bounds. Although it’s small—only 3 square meters, one person cannot handle things alone.

My husband and I had to go to the markets to buy vegetables at 3 a.m. By the time we got back, organized the vegetables and put them on the shelves, it was already 10 a.m. 

The vegetable stall that had been losing money for several years made 13-14,000 yuan one month after we took over. Even though it was hard work, we considered ourselves fortunate to be able earn so much in our comparatively poor city.

The Farmers Market Is My Platform

There is a farmers market with several hundred vendors in my city. I use banknotes with messages about Dafa when I buy things at the market. When I encounter receptive stall owners, I tell them, “As long as you sincerely follow what is written on these banknotes, your business will improve. Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa. If you tell people about Falun Dafa, won’t gods and Buddhas look after you? If you sincerely recite ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ you will avert danger.”

Mr. Zhang’s business is prosperous. He also believes in Dafa. I asked him, “Mr. Zhang, do you know why you are doing so well? You have been blessed by Dafa.” He said, “Yes, that is true. Ever since I started to use these banknotes, my sales have increased every day.”

Sometimes when I go to the market early to hand out truth clarification materials, Mr. Zhang said to me, “Give them to me. I will help you hand out to each and every stall.” He said, “You put these fliers outside people’s homes without knowing if anyone lives in it, who knows how much you have wasted! These materials are very good! They teach people to be upright.” I knew Master was giving me hints to get rid of my fear and clarify the truth without reservations.

I did not do well initially due to problems with my xinxing. Mushrooms cost 6.50 per pound but the young man who sold them to me unknowingly charged 5 per pound. I bought 20 pounds at the price he gave, saving me 30 yuan. I did not correct the problem and pay the full price right away. I knew I was wrong. After I walked away I regretted what I did. Why do I have such a strong attachment to gain? When can I get rid of this pursuit? I must give return the 30 yuan to him tomorrow and clarify the truth to him. I had dealings with this family in the past and observed that the young man would not take the banknotes with messages about Dafa. His parents were all right but when this lad saw me using the banknotes, his face would turn sour.

The next day, I went to explain things to him. He was surprised. He did not expect me to return and make up for the short payment. In today’s society, people only think of taking advantage of others. I told him, “I practice Falun Dafa. It teaches one to live by Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. How can I take your things? Shouldn’t one have a conscience?” I continued, “You seem to have some misgivings about Dafa. Why don’t you look around, the stall owners who like to use banknotes with messages on Dafa, how are their sales? If I were the kind of person depicted by the CCP, would I come back and give you the money?” From then on, he greeted me whenever he saw me.

On one occasion, I gave a young man a booklet. He called several people over and said, “This booklet is wonderful, it talks about becoming a better person. Do you know that the self-immolation is staged by the CCP to demonize Falun Dafa? Do you know what Falun Dafa is about? It teaches Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. How wonderful these three words are. Whoever joined the CCP, quick, renounce your membership...” I thought to myself, “He knows so much. He said things even better than me.”

There is a shop in the market owned by a practitioner couple. The man told my husband, “You better watch your wife, she cannot spend banknotes with information on Dafa like that, it is not safe.” My husband chided me when he got home. But if I don’t use these banknotes, I felt as if I had let sentient beings down. I decided to let go of my fear and I only used these banknotes at the market. I spent 1200-1300 yuan a day buying vegetables and used mainly 5, 10, 20 yuan banknotes. Every year, I spent at least 400,000 yuan in value of such banknotes.

Last year during the pandemic, I went to the market to spend these banknotes and clarified the truth to people. Everyone wanted to read the materials. Business owners said, “What practitioners say is true.” When they saw me many people asked, “Do you still have the banknotes with the special words? Let me exchange 1000 yuan with you.”

Clarifying the Truth at My Small Vegetable Stall

My small vegetable stall is at one corner of the supermarket and there’s a lot of foot traffic. I hold myself to the standards of Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance and treat my customers well. People often drop money on the ground. I shout out, “Who dropped their money?” Some customers discovered it was theirs and pick it up. Other times no one picks it up and the staff take it. They asked, “Why didn’t you pick it up and pocket it?” I said, “I practice Falun Dafa and I do not take what does not belong to me.” Sometimes people drop money in front of my stall. When customers come to buy vegetables, I asked each one if they dropped some money until I find the owner. It’s an opportunity to clarify the truth.

Last year, the city was placed under lockdown after Chinese New Year. I was anxious. There are so many sentient beings yet to be saved! I cannot stay at home. Just then, the manager came to give us a pass. All the shops in our area were shut except for our supermarket which was permitted to open. I knew this was Master’s arrangement.

Due to the lockdown, there were long queues when people came to buy vegetables. From time to time, someone would shout, “In such troubled times, you shouldn’t raise your prices and make money out of national disasters.” I reply, “Don’t worry. I don’t jack up my prices. Not only that, my vegetables are cheaper than usual.” How cheap are my vegetables? I reduced my profit margin to the bare minimum. Now, I buy products 2 or 3 times more than usual but every day my profit is less than half of what it was before. In the past, I made over 10,000 yuan a month. However during COVID, my profits were only 5,600 yuan. If I raised my prices like other stalls, I would be earning 70,000 yuan per month. But that is not the standard of a practitioner! How can I clarify the truth to people?

One day, a well dressed woman came to buy vegetables. She kept complaining that the vegetables were expensive. She mumbled, “Why have the price of vegetables gone up so much? How can people survive?” Other stall owners got upset and said, “You are not being fair. Her vegetables are the cheapest in the city. Everyone else marked up their prices several times but her stall reduced their prices.” They ended up squabbling. The man said to me, “Sell your vegetables to her at marked up prices. If she complains they are expensive, let her go elsewhere to buy them.” I replied, “My prices are fixed. Some people have a job but many people don’t have any income! Life has become hard during this lockdown! I follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I treat everyone with kindness.”

It was easy to clarify the truth to people who overheard this. A well dressed woman said, “My relative is the supervisor in a prison. Tell me if you have any problems.” I told her, “Tell your relative not to bully imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners.” She told me, “I have a relative who practices Falun Dafa. He told me about Falun Dafa but I didn’t believe him. Yet I trust what you told me.”

There was a well mannered young man. I told him about Dafa and gave him several amulets. He said he works for the municipal Party committee. I said, “Are you a Communist Party member?” He answered, “How can I work there if I did not join the Party?” I said, “Take this booklet home and read it. You will realize how the CCP persecutes Falun Dafa. Don’t take part in the persecution. He said, “I know what Falun Gong is about.”

The next day he returned and said, “Sister, the moment I took out the amulet, everyone in my department wanted one. They even said, “Why don’t we recite Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good and be blessed. My manager asked me to get more amulets from you.”

I don’t dare slack off when I think of so many people who don’t know the truth. Because I have a pass I can go anywhere. When my daughter comes to help me take care of the stall I go to several residential areas to hand out materials. As these areas are mostly old districts, they have no elevators. I climb the stairs to the top level then work my way down. After covering 6 or 7 buildings, my legs kept shaking. Yet when I see the materials in my bag and the blocks of apartments, I don’t have the heart to stop. I took a rest then climbed the stairs again.

I am able to do all this with the help of other practitioners who print messages on a large amount of banknotes. All these materials and amulets are made by practitioners. A practitioner said to me, “When you come to pick up the materials, I am moved by the look in your eyes. I can feel your compassion. Your heart is filled with the thought of saving people.”

She said, “You should write an article during this Fahui and tell people about your experiences so that more can be saved.”