(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

On the occasion of the 19th China Fahui on Minghui.org, I wrote down some of my experiences setting up a family informational material printing site and as a Minghui correspondent.

Experiencing the Mighty Power of Dafa While Setting up a Materials Site

I usually distribute truth-clarification materials. When I could not get in touch with other practitioners, I decided to set up my own material printing site. When I attended college, I learned how to use a computer and knew the basics, but I rarely used printers.

I bought a printer I could afford but it had no continuous ink supply. I noticed the small amount of ink in the cartridge. I couldn’t print as much as I needed because I didn’t know how to replace the cartridge.

At first I printed the small stickers with information about Falun Dafa. I pasted a few in crowded places, hoping that people would read them. I noticed that the stickers were torn off, so I posted them again. But they were ripped off again, and I was very discouraged.

One day after dinner I went to see if the stickers I’d posted earlier were still there. I saw that the stickers were torn off but not completely. A person was staring intently at the remnants of a sticker with information about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident. I realized that Master was giving me a hint that people long for the truth. I knew that I should persevere and not be discouraged.

Just when the ink in my printer was about to run out, the practitioner technical assistant and a coordinating practitioner came and equipped me with a printer that was upgraded with continuous ink supply. Looking at a fully functional printer, I was full of joy. This printer could print truth-clarification booklets and stickers, as well as the covers of truth-clarification CDs, which was great. I used this printer for a long time. I printed truth-clarifying materials and distributed them every day. I distributed as many as I could. I had difficulty burning CDs, so I asked another practitioner to burn them for me, and I printed the covers.

I have a small bag I use especially for distributing materials. Every morning I fill it with truth-clarification pamphlets and CDs with the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Each time I go out, I go somewhere different to distribute materials. I write down the buildings I visit. We should distribute one kind of material as widely as possible without duplication so as not to waste materials.

On the way there and while I distribute materials, I send righteous thoughts. There are quite a few high-end communities in our area. When I go someplace unfamiliar, I ask Master to help me. Sometimes the doors were locked. There were so many people in each building, what should I do? Just then, someone would open the door and go out and I could enter. Sometimes, I had just enough materials in my bag for the building. Sometimes the door of a building was ajar, as if waiting for me to enter. I was grateful to Master for paving the way for me.

As Master's Fa-rectification progressed, I gradually began to provide truth-clarification materials to fellow practitioners. In order to save people more effectively, we worked on improving the quality of our materials. During this process Master gave us wisdom, enabling us to improve the entire production process.

I also cherished these machines that Master gave me. When I had attachments, Master used them to enlighten me that I had loopholes and needed to correct myself. For example, when the printer head was clogged, the color was not correct, the printing effect was not good, etc. I knew that when I was printing my thoughts had slipped away, my thoughts were not correct, I had attachments, etc.

Any project to save people is not easy, and sometimes I encountered xinxing tests. The year the COVID outbreak started, we needed extra help to make cards with information to get around the CCP’s information censorship. My practitioner parents helped us. I told them how to cut, but they just could not get used to the paper cutter. They preferred to use a utility knife and ruler, leading to differences in the size, and uneven edges. Some cards did not fit the transparent plastic bags for individual packaging in the next step.

I told them to use a paper cutter and to not exceed a certain number of sheets at a time so that the edges wouldn’t end up rough. However, they insisted on cutting a few more sheets each time. I complained and got impatient and jealous, and wanted to teach them—and I criticized them.

When I calmed down and studied the Fa, I felt that my capacity was too small to accommodate others. This was the first time my parents had ever made truth-clarification materials. It takes time to understand the process. Why couldn’t I teach them patiently? I wanted to rectify myself in Dafa. The next time I needed their help, I carefully showed them how to do it several times. When I changed myself, they did as I asked.

I do my best to cooperate with fellow practitioners in clarifying the truth, and the types of truth-clarifying materials constantly improved. In the process of using and purchasing unfamiliar machines, my greatest enlightenment was that Master is by my side all the time, and what I have to do is to let go of human thoughts and notions and believe in Master and the Fa.

We purchased a machine I knew could play a big role in saving people. However, due to the city-wide lockdown during the epidemic and the Chinese New Year, we were faced with uncertainty: First of all, the city was under lockdown. Would the machine arrive? Second, if this machine arrived, could I learn to operate it? After I learned how to use it, would I produce the truth-clarification materials needed in a short time? This project was confidential, and no other practitioner could give me any advice or help.

The only thing I could do was to trust Master. Master said, “You put in the effort and your teacher will handle the rest.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I understood that it’s not that I could do anything, but that Master arranges everything for me and that I would walk the path he arranged. I kept denying all kinds of negative thoughts. I strengthened my righteous thoughts and had the sincere wish to be selfless and save people. Master arranged this matter very well. The machine arrived on time, and the truth-clarification materials were completed within the planned time and delivered to fellow practitioners.

In the process of building the printing site by myself, I do not know how much Master endured for me and sentient beings. However, I know that Master guided me.

Improving Myself as a Minghui Correspondent

In the process of printing materials, I also took on the responsibility of contacting Minghui.org. Master also guided me to be a successful Minghui correspondent.

The CCP has persecuted Falun Dafa for so many years. There have been many incidents in the local area where perpetrators incurred retribution for persecuting practitioners. One was the death of the local 610 Office head. At a meeting to launch a persecution against local practitioners, he collapsed and died, which was a great shock within the local police force.

When I heard the news, I wrote a short report and submitted it to Minghui.org. This was my first time contributing to Minghui.org, and I was not good at writing reports.

When I was in school, my teacher taught me the five elements of news: who, what, when, where, and why. I went to fellow practitioners to verify the details. They cooperated, and some recounted the persecution they’d endured over the years. After I got the firsthand information from the interviews, I organized and summarized them. After editing, I submitted it to Minghui.org. This article was posted on the Minghui website that day, which played a role in deterring the CCP perpetrators.

I carefully read the posted report that practitioners with Minghui.org had edited, and I discovered a problem I hadn’t noticed—my own Party culture was very strong. I used very aggressive words and phrases in the original article. Practitioners who work with Minghui corrected them. The revised report showed compassion. Writing and then reading the edited article helped me see my own gaps and shortcomings, as well as my Party culture and show-off mentality. It was Master who gave me a chance to improve myself, learn to write reports, and improve my writing skills.

One incident left a deep impression on me. A local practitioner was arrested and detained. I wrote the persecution report. During the two days of follow-up reporting, I was touched by fellow practitioners who cooperated as one body.

After learning that this practitioner was detained, fellow practitioners contacted each other and told everyone to go to the local police station to send righteous thoughts. This was the first time I’d seen so many fellow practitioners, both from the local area and from other places, come to help send righteous thoughts. That day, practitioners could be seen on every corner, sending righteous thoughts. All those police officers who’d participated in the arrest looked depressed.

I submitted the latest update every day to Minghui.org. Fellow practitioners’ righteous thoughts also touched me. The practitioner returned home safely in 15 days. The authorities’ plot to frame the practitioner failed.

Achieving Without Pursuing Results

Master gave me a great deal of wisdom and abilities. In validating the Fa, I’m fulfilling my responsibilities. I make sure to read and recite the Fa every day. I know that, without Dafa, I can’t do anything.

Another practitioner asked me to write a commentary. After he asked, I remembered a story. I used this story to illustrate the issue for this article, and then I wrote down the talking points. My thoughts flowed like a spring, and I completed the article in half an hour. It was published on Minghui with almost no changes. Such miracles are all Master’s compassionate blessings.

The same is true for designing informational materials. At each step, Master gave me wisdom in terms of patterns and printing effects. Sometimes the machine broke down or I didn’t know how to resolve some technical problem. I would visit a technical forum to see if fellow practitioners had solutions. Sometimes I inadvertently pressed a button, and the machine returned to normal.


Practitioners repeatedly thanked us after receiving the truth-clarification materials. I said, “We are just the backup. You are the ones on the frontlines.”

Some practitioners told me, “Your cultivation state is really good.” I said, “You only see the surface, but I still have attachments.” Looking inward, I know that I still have stubborn human thoughts and bad notions. Sometimes I behaved badly, and sometimes I could not maintain my xinxing. If I can’t do well, then I will try to improve. If I cannot pass a test, I will try to pass it next time.

I know that as long as I always follow Dafa, I can continue to cultivate following Master. During the limited time before Master rectifies the human world, I will continue to cultivate myself, let go of human attachments, and cooperate with other practitioners.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!