(Minghui.org) I am 55 years old and I started practicing Falun Dafa in July 1997. Every thought practitioners have impacts their surroundings. Our attachments invite tribulations while our righteous thoughts can dissolve them. I wanted to record my experiences and share my cultivation journey and how I experienced this firsthand.

In May 2015 another practitioner and I went to the local post office to mail our complaint letters against Jiang Zemin (the former CCP [Chinese Communist Party] leader who initiated the persecution in 1999). The clerk said our letters could not be posted. We tried to reason with her because we posted similar letters before. One of the staff reported us to the police. Police and officers from the 610 Office came and took us to the police station.

The police intended to interrogate us separately after we arrived at the station. I didn’t cooperate with them and didn’t say anything to them. They transferred me to the local detention center and then took me to a brainwashing center in the Nahu area of Wuhan.

Falun Dafa practitioners were detained on the first floor of the building. The brainwashing center was on the second floor. They had all sorts of videos, books, and materials that slandered Dafa and Master (Falun Dafa’s founder). People who colluded with the persecutors tried to transform us.

The Persecutors Try to Break Me

Team leader Liu (alias) told two so-called “assistant instructors” to take me to the second floor. I didn’t move. Two policemen grabbed me and dragged me to the second floor. They worked on me for two days, but I was not transformed. Section chief Hui (alias) beat and kicked me and shocked me with electric batons all over my body. The high voltage current twisted my body. The pain was unbearable. I screamed, “The police are beating me!”

I remembered that Master asked us to dissolve the evil with righteous thoughts. So I silently recited the verses and sent forth righteous thoughts. The effect of righteous thoughts was instant. Section chief Hui immediately stopped torturing me. My entire arm was blackened. The thick material of my pants was burned with holes everywhere. I lodged a complaint against Jiang Zemin and clarified the truth. I was doing the most righteous thing in the universe. But I was persecuted. I told Hui: “You know the law but you still violate it and beat me. I will sue you!”

I noticed that he was shaken and I saw fear in his eyes. He waved his hands signaling the others to take me away. He didn’t say anything.

Afterward, they didn’t persecute me as badly, but they still severely persecuted a female practitioner from Wuxue.

I am Released

Thanks to the efforts of local practitioners and my family, I was released after 40 days in the brainwashing center. I thought to myself that the staff in the brainwashing center persecuted practitioners and should be punished. If other practitioners were detained there in the future, the staff members shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever they wanted. Weren’t they concerned about their positions? I should sue them so they would realize what they would lose if they persecuted practitioners.

After I had this thought, practitioner Chen from another city came to see me. She was persecuted in the brainwashing center and sued the staff members after she was released. They were punished as a result. She encouraged me to write down my persecution experiences and lodge a lawsuit in the provincial department of justice. She offered to help me. We wrote the complaint letter together and mailed it to the provincial department of justice.

Several days later Chen rang the staff member in the department of justice who said that they received the letter.

I stayed at home but didn’t receive any reply from them. Chen encouraged me to present my complaint directly to the leader of the department of justice. Her righteous thoughts gave me power and influenced me greatly. I read the Fa which reinforced my righteous thoughts. I realized that to expose the persecution in the brainwashing center and let the evil doers be punished was not just for myself but rather to validate the Fa, help persecuted practitioners, and dissolve the evil in the brainwashing center.

So I went to see Chen in early 2016 and asked her to go to the provincial department of justice with me. I also brought my pants that were burned and covered in my blood. The process of lodging the complaint was not smooth. Each department shirked responsibility and sent us to other departments. We were not discouraged and asked Master to strengthen us. Finally, an officer saw us and urged us to keep the pants as evidence.

My husband, several other practitioners, and I clarified the truth and hung up banners in a neighboring city in late 2016. We were recorded by surveillance cameras. The police found us and took us to the local police station and then transferred us to a brainwashing center in the Caidian District.

When we arrived there, a leader told us that they didn’t beat people and that hitting people was illegal. I realized that my complaint letter must have had an effect so the staff members were worried.

Later I learned that according to their rules, practitioners from lower cities and counties were normally sent to the brainwashing center in Nahu. But that brainwashing center didn’t dare to accept me when they heard my name so they took me to the brainwashing center in the Caidian District. I felt the evil was afraid of the power of righteous thoughts.

Remaining Unmoved

Team leader Meng who initially interrogated me told me that my husband and other practitioners already told him everything. He said that as long as I told him the whole story of where the fliers and banners came from, I would be released.

I knew he was trying to cause a rift between us and stir up my human heart. I was not moved. I thought to myself that even if my husband and other practitioners said anything about me, they did this due to their attachments. As a practitioner, why should I be concerned with their actions? I told Meng firmly, “This has nothing to do with me.”

Later on, a retired judge who claimed that he was from my hometown came to see me. He behaved kindly and chatted with me and tried to transform me. I was not moved. I insisted that I didn’t violate any laws and I would not be subjected to a forced labor camp. I said that my Master arranged my path, not the brainwashing center.

The team leader was very angry when he realized he couldn’t get anything from me. He ordered other people to torture me. He deprived me of sleep for a long time and punished me by making me stand for hours. I went on a hunger strike and also sent righteous thoughts to get out of the brainwashing center. The staff members in the brainwashing center force-fed me and used various means to break me. But no matter how I was persecuted, I strongly believed that Master was beside me. The evil-doers had no right to frame me or persecute me.

My righteous thoughts had an effect. My family hired a lawyer and demanded I be released from the brainwashing center. Team Leader Meng felt the pressure and agreed to release me. Officers from the 610 Office and the Political Security Department came to take me. When I was about to leave, I had fear. I wondered if I would be able to return home. When I had this thought a tribulation came. One staff member told me to go back because there was something still outstanding. I realized that my human heart invited the tribulation. I sent strong righteous thoughts to eliminate my fear. After a while, the staff member waved his arm and let me leave.

I was driven home in a police car after I was in the brainwashing center for more than 40 days. The officers who brought me home were the same ones who took me away. I realized that there is nothing accidental in this world. Master strengthened my righteous thoughts and broke through my human attachments, and miracles and Dafa’s power appeared in this dimension.

The above are just some of my insights based on my experiences. Please kindly point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.