(Minghui.org) Today I heard someone in my family, who’s also a practitioner, talk about another practitioner’s family issues. That family was greatly disturbed and in a great deal of conflict over a family inheritance that was recently distributed. Several in the family are practitioners, but in the face of self-interest, they didn’t remember that they were practitioners and dealt with the issue based on their human notions. It even went as far as going to court. When practitioners completely forget who they are and why they are here and are instead driven by their human notions and attachments, their behavior is similar to that of regular people.

At first, as I listened to my family member talk about that situation, I kept shaking my head and sighing. However, I soon became alert and reminded her not to get caught up in their conflicts. She stopped talking about it.

I later asked myself what was I being reminded of by my hearing those things? Those practitioners forgot that they were practitioners, and it showed in their behavior. Wasn’t I the same? In certain aspects, I seemed to be a little better than they, but when it comes to expressing my own attachments, I am the same. At such a time, I cannot remember that I am a practitioner. How it manifests is the same, just from a different attachment.

When I realized this, the contempt I had just felt for them vanished at once. I was acutely aware that cultivation really is not easy, and it is not easy for other practitioners, either. I said to my family member from the bottom of my heart, “The practitioners in that family are in the midst of tribulations. When we hear about them, we should not disregard and look down on them. In addition to looking within ourselves, we should probably help them by sending forth righteous thoughts for them.” Then I suddenly felt as if I wanted to cry. I saw my family member wipe her eyes as well.

At that moment, I felt that my heart was very open, and many of the substances that had been weighing me down during that time disappeared. Although I couldn’t see it, I felt that I had reached a very broad realm.

Afterward, when I was reciting the Fa, I found that my memorization was very heartfelt. I could understand and memorize the parts that I was recently struggling to memorize immediately. It was really indescribably wonderful and joyful.

Following that, my sending forth righteous thoughts also improved. The messy and distracting thoughts that had been there for a long time disappeared. Now my mind is very clear and open, and my thoughts are focused and strong. I sent forth righteous thoughts to help all my fellow practitioners who were experiencing various ordeals, to eliminate all the evil that created gaps between fellow practitioners, and to remove all the evil that manipulates people to persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners.

From sending forth righteous thoughts, I came to understand that Dafa practitioners send righteous thoughts to remove the evil, not to avoid being persecuted, but to save sentient beings. The sentient beings who are manipulated and used by the evil are the real targets of the persecution. They are at the most dangerous precipice.

The stress I was under from some dangerous situations I’d recently encountered when clarifying the truth and validating the Fa also completely disintegrated. I also realized that all the problems, deficiencies, shortcomings, etc. of other practitioners that are reflected in our thoughts are all attempts by the evil to create divisions among Dafa practitioners. We should not be deceived—we should recognize it and clear it with righteous thoughts. If we firmly remove it once it emerges, it will become weaker and weaker and finally disappear completely.

I sent righteous thoughts today for a long time, and I didn’t feel tired at all. All the wonderful changes and feeling the vastness of heaven and earth come from looking inward, changing any notions of being above others, and treating fellow practitioners and sentient beings with compassion and kindness.