1. Studying the Fa Well and Solid Cultivation

My sister (a fellow practitioner) and I run a clinic. We either work, or study the Fa daily. The more we study, the more we like to learn. I feel very happy when I study the Fa. When the evil forces were crazy, I believed that cultivating myself well was the best way to validate the Fa, so I set stricter standards for myself. We clarified the truth to every patient, whether he or she was an ordinary citizen, a police officer, or a government official.

I applied the wisdom gained from cultivation to clarify the truth from different perspectives for different people. I almost didn't meet people who were not willing to listen to the truth and not willing to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I often dreamed about clarifying the truth at night and could clearly remember the people that I thought of helping to quit the CCP when I woke up. I knew that Teacher had hinted that we should save more people. On some evenings, I went out to distribute truth clarification materials. Other than sleeping and eating, I was almost fully dedicated to Fa validation, and lived a full life.

My husband (also a fellow practitioner) and I built an informational materials center in our home and distributed the materials to fellow practitioners.

I clearly understood that my clinic was a place that Teacher gave to us in order to save people, and was not for making money for ourselves. My clinic business has always been good, yet we live frugally. Teacher sends people with predestined relationships to us. We have no reason for not doing well and pay special attention to explaining the facts about Dafa and the persecution to our patients. After they understand the true situation, our become living, propagating media. Some patients even sent us lists of people who had quit the CCP. Some of them informed us about how they corrected others' misunderstandings about Dafa, and others started to practice Falun Gong. The power of truth clarification is enormous. These patients also recovered very fast. We knew that this was the power of Dafa, and sentient beings were rewarded with benefits from knowing the truth. Of course, Teacher's benevolence can't be separated from this.

2. Waking up Fellow Practitioners and Improving Together

Before July 20, 1999, 80 percent of my family were practitioners. After July 20, 1999, four of us stopped cultivation. Soon, another three went in the opposite direction. At that time, the whole environment was bad, and my family split up. There were only six of us on the right path, including ones that didn't work too hard. It was difficult to describe my feelings at that time.

At work, I met patients who were once fellow practitioners and clarified the truth to them. By doing this, I selflessly helped them return to Dafa. Teacher sent many of these fellow practitioners to us. Some returning practitioners worked hard on cultivation. In just a few months, over 200 people had quit the CCP.

We used a variety of methods to read Teacher's new articles to family members who had taken the wrong paths. We also used our free time to help them understand. My four-year-old child recited Hong Yin II for them. Four of us agreed that when one of us chatted with them, the other three would send forth righteous thoughts, but would not let them know. We sent forth righteous thoughts whenever we met them. When we had time, we also sent forth righteous thoughts toward their space, to completely eliminate all evil factors.

I also believe from the Fa that the wave of Fa-rectification will clear their minds in the future. We have used these methods continuously for six years. I became pregnant and stayed at home during the summer of 2006, so I had plenty of time to talk to them. I used compassion to soften their human minds and righteous thoughts to dissolve the evil forces behind them. Eventually, one after another understood.

They eagerly threw themselves into studying Master's new articles and lectures. At times, they had tears on their faces and regretted that they had taken a roundabout course in cultivation. We used righteous thoughts to direct them and suggested that they avoid attachments to their past, and to cultivate themselves well from now on. They are now working hard on their cultivation and have many abilities. They also help other practitioners who are headed in the wrong direction. They visited their hometowns and saved many people. One of their friends sent a list of over 40 people who quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

I would like to advise fellow practitioners not to give up on our previous practitioners, no matter how they've performed. In fact, there were many factors that they could not break away from by themselves, and they need our selfless help. Master does not abandon a single practitioner. We have every reason to help our former fellow practitioners.

3. Waking Up Sinners in the Maze, Giving Them a Chance to Choose Their Futures

I clarified the truth to a former practitioner policeman, who asked me, "After so many years, didn't you get interference doing this (referring to truth clarification)?" I replied, "You arrested our fellow practitioners, and not just one. I ask you, is there anyone reporting me?" He said, "I knew that you were helping me, so by not letting you clarify truth, I was helping you. Why don't you know that?" I said, "I know that very well. You are good to me. Well, others also know I can help them. Why would they report me?" Later, that policeman was transferred to another job, became a patrol officer, and was quite happy about it. From then on, I never heard about him arresting anyone else. He told fellow officers working under him, "If you arrest Dafa practitioners, you'll be on your own."

Once, a new patient sat before me after entering my clinic. Although this was the first time I'd seen him, I felt that he was somehow related to Falun Gong but was playing an opposing role. I asked him bluntly, "I think you have something to do with Falun Gong, don't you?" He seemed embarrassed by my question. I started clarifying truth to him, and told him how to protect himself, how to treat practitioners kindly, and how to quit the CCP organizations. After he understood, he admitted that he had personally dealt with 206 practitioners. He didn't quit at the time, but indicated that he would treat practitioners kindly. I gave him a small booklet with Internet addresses he could use to break through the Internet blockade. He became quite frightened, checked to see if anyone was looking, then quickly put the booklet into his pocket. I thought that he was probably shocked in his heart and was scared of the CCP. Sentient beings need so much help.

Some fellow practitioners have asked me why cultivation is easy for me. Actually, I also feel that my cultivation has not been difficult. As long as we do what Master tells us to, there won't be any difficulties. Most important is to study the Fa well. I study every day and have developed a good routine. When I study the Fa, it gets into my heart. Even when I am sleepy and tired, as long as I study the Fa, sleepiness and tiredness will disappear in a few minutes, and I feel happy, relaxed, and alert. Cultivating all these years since 2002, I have never stopped studying the Fa and doing the exercises. When I had enough time during my pregnancy, I sometimes did the exercises two or three times a day. At home, I either study the Fa, do the exercises, or send forth righteous thoughts; I spend little time sleeping.

Through studying the Fa and doing the exercises well, one can also do well on sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. The three things are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. Saving sentient beings is a natural thing to do; they are all the same as eating or sleeping--normal and natural, no big waves or vigorous things. I just arrange the three things as part of my life. Actually, everything is in the Fa, and everything flows naturally.

Original article date: 11/12/2009