(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, respected Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

This is my first time to participate in the online Experience Sharing Conference. I have the following two points to share with practitioners.

Constantly exposing and revealing the evil persecution

Exposing the evil is something Master taught us to do, and that it is our duty as Fa rectification period practitioners to assist Master. I was arrested in March 2001. Local police sent me to a brainwashing center. Following my release I wrote a five-page article exposing all the tricks and methods they used to persecute practitioners in the brainwashing center. I also described the wonderfulness of Dafa practice and the morally uplifting episodes I experienced since I became a practitioner. I sent the article to the local 610 Office, whose agents became fearful when they read it. A group made up of personnel from my work, from the local police, and from the 610 Office arrived by car to look for me.

Another practitioner found me a place to stay where I couldn't be found, but the evildoers returned and persecuted that practitioner after they couldn't find me. When I learned about this, I couldn't stay calm. I thought about how we cultivate to be considerate of others. I immediately went to the local police station to talk to the chief. I asked them what crime I had committed. They didn't answer. Instead, they held me for three months and eventually subjected me to one year of forced labor.

The persecution didn't stop after I was released from the labor camp in December 2002. I decided leave home in August 2003. I went to a small town and made a living selling produce retail. That way I could reach many people to speak with them about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Local practitioners mentioned they needed funds to operate a Dafa materials production site, so I gave them 500 yuan, the only money I had. A local practitioner was moved to tears with the money in hand. That practitioner told the local practitioners what I had done, many practitioners gave money to support the production site.

In March 2006, organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in Sujiatun, Shenyang, was exposed. I felt extremely sad when I first read about that. I thought I should do whatever it took to let as many people as possible hear about the crimes the CCP committed. I communicated with other practitioners, and large quantities of CDs and printed materials were produced. All the practitioners from this area started to send printed materials and CDs to doctors in all the hospitals that same day. I participated, too. Convinced this was a good way to proceed, I continued with that effort. I wanted to let everyone doctor, no matter where he or she was from, to know the facts, so that they wouldn't be part of this evil crime. I traveled back and forth in the streets to deliver the letters to doctors. Hundreds of letters were sent to hospitals and clinics.

After three years of being destitute, I returned home in July 2006. In my absencem many practitioners were and still are being severely persecuted. Also, five of them died as a result of the persecution. The number kept turning over in my mind, saddening me and making me cry. But I soon realized that crying doesn't help, and no matter how much I cry, tears can't revive those great practitioners, tears can't make those that do evil behave. I should widely expose the evil deeds and to do well with the three things that practitioners should do.

My family's financial situation is relatively good. My son works away from home, and my husband runs some businesses. I do not see this as an opportunity for me to enjoy the cozy life of a non-practitioner.

All the local practitioners were happy to see me be back. I thought about how to expose the evil persecution and those that caused the deaths and imprisonments. I kept the numbers and things in my mind: five practitioners had died as a result of the persecution, two of them were beaten and then died from injections with unknown substances; another practitioner was beaten at the Qinduankou Prison and died as a result of the beatings. Out of the 600,000 thousand plus local population, how many really knew the facts? I didn't really know how to type using Pinyin, just a few words. I worked over a dozen nights. I finally created the materials.

With the information printed out, practitioners thought we should distribute it widely. We combined it with the Minghui Weekly and Minghui materials for distribution to certain rural areas. Practitioners took stacks of it and placed it everywhere. It greatly intimidated the evil. A non-practitioner responded after reading it, "Those police are so terrible--they'll do anything."

Improving with other practitioners

Each of Master's lectures, new and old, urges us to study the Fa more, so I pay m.uch attention to Fa study. No matter how busy I am, Fa study is my first priority. I get up at 3:50 a.m to do the exercises, then send righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m., then start to memorize the Fa, then send righteous thoughts at the top of each hour. Then I do whatever I need to after sending righteous thoughts at 8:00 a.m. I review the part of the Fa that I memorized in the morning when I am on my way out somewhere. I read an entire lecture from Zhuan Falun at lunchtime and new lectures if I have more time. I participate in a group study at night (we have group study here every night). I realized that we practitioners are one body. As one body we should be able to improve in our understanding of the Fa, thus enabling us to do the three things better. One practitioner who started cultivation in 2004 spoke with people about Falun Gong and the persecution soon after starting the practice and caught up very fast. She has gone out daily to rural areas to explain the facts to people. She brings back a list of dozens of individuals that want to quit the CCP and its affiliates. Her actions have encouraged other practitioners. Then I thought, how good it would be if she could catch up in understanding the Fa!

That practitioner came to me the next day and revealed that she was not really calm when she studied the Fa. I suggested she could memorize the Fa. She replied, "I was trying to do that, but I forget the parts I have just worked on and cannot make any progress. I just want to quit." I shared my experiences and urged her not to be too hard on herself since this was her first effort. I suggested that she try one paragraph at a time, reminding her that Master's Fa has profound meanings in each and every sentence, and that when we are peaceful and clear-minded, we can meld into the Fa. I said, "When we try to memorize the Fa we can keep the words in our mind only if we are in that kind of state. If our mind is not peaceful, it's hard to remember a single sentence. When we try to memorize a paragraph, we want to assimilate to that part of the Fa--we don't have to repeat the last paragraph once we start to work on the next paragraph. We should keep going like that until the end of the book. But just memorizing is not enough. We have to read as usual, too. That is my personal understanding."

She was encouraged by what I said, and she kept memorizing the Fa everyday. She shared later in group study that she had memorized the Fa up to the third lecture of Zhuan Falun. Later on, three more practitioners improved themselves after sharing together in their understanding of the Fa.

In my opinion, practitioners who work at Dafa materials production sites should be especially diligent in Fa study. Once a new (2007) practitioner from another area asked me to help her set up a materials site at home. I didn't just work on the details when I went to help her, I first shared with her my understandings of the Fa and asked her to pay special attention to cultivating her speech for safety. I shared two key points with her: Study the Fa and look inside. I said, "If something is wrong with the printer or there is this or that kind of interference, it means there must be something wrong with ourselves. Don't try to push the issue away. We practitioners are doing the things that divine beings are doing, so these are not ordinary things. Since they are divine things, we have to have divine guidance. We should measure our every single thought against the Fa, then we can walk the way steadily and correctly. Master said, "you must study the high-level Fa thoroughly and know how to practice cultivation." (Zhuan Falun, March 2000 version)

Because I understand that righteous thoughts and wisdom come from the Fa, when I was working at the material production site, unless I had studied the Fa well, I would not use the machines. That practitioner is very diligent. She has ordinary work to do, so she starts the exercises at 3:50 a.m., then memorizes Fa after sending righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m., and goes to work at 8:00 a.m. She uses other times to read the Fa. She said her printer has been working for over a year, and it just works better and better. This is all due to the mighty power of Dafa.

Another practitioner from a different area also requested my help to set up a family materials site. I did it the same way. Now she can provide materials for her area and is also making the best use of her time to study and memorize the Fa.

Since we cultivate in our human form in the large dye vat of ordinary people, we are sure to have all kinds of human thoughts and attachments, but we can't go along with the attachments. Instead, we have to be clear about who we are. We have to keep in mind that at every moment that we are Dafa practitioners. We should study the Fa more, no matter what kind of situation we face in our cultivation. We all know that the Fa has endless powers, enabling us to send righteous thoughts to disintegrate the bad substances and elements, and thus we can correct our thoughts and deeds and do the three things well.