(Minghui.org) Years ago, when my parents would take my younger brother and me back to our hometown for a visit, we had to change trains in Beijing. While we were in Beijing, my parents always took us to different parks and the zoo, where we saw old monkeys taking care of the younger ones. When we got back to our hometown in the northwest, my parents also took us to parks and the local zoo. I never saw any monkeys or apes that looked like human beings, so I never believed any of the theories that said humans evolved from apes, but I didn’t know where human beings came from, either.

As a child lying in bed at night, I would see myself running inward from the middle of my forehead as soon as I closed my eyes. The road was endless, with mountains and rivers on both sides. There were also beautiful pavilions with carved dragons and phoenixes as well as tall buildings. I also saw similar scenes in the sweat pores on my arms. I enjoyed looking at all these things, but I did not understand where they came from. By the time I was 14 years old, those visions had ceased.

Baffled During Middle School

I lived with my maternal grandmother during my elementary school years and did not go back to live with my parents until my second term in middle school. On the day of our mid-term exam, one student, Jiang, told us that she’d seen the topic for the Chinese exam and the requirements in her dream the night before. Everyone thought she was joking and being funny. But when we got the exam paper, we were all surprised to see that the topic and the requirements for the Chinese exam were exactly what Jiang saw in her dream.

Jiang’s parents were farmers and they did not live in the same village as the teacher. There was no way her parents could have gotten the information from the teacher. So how did she see the exam topic and the requirements in her dream? No one could figure it out.

My Mom’s Miraculous Experience

My mom suffered from bad nosebleeds when she was young, and each time the blood from her nose could fill up a bowl. She tried all kinds of medications and remedies, but nothing helped.

My dad lost his mom when he was only eight years old. Before she passed away, she arranged for my grandfather to marry another woman. My dad grew up in his uncle’s house. After my parents got married, they went to visit my grandfather and slept on a big brick bed, with a large bed curtain.

One night, my mom saw in her dream a tall old lady standing in the middle of the house. She was wearing a black dress with her hair tied back in a bun. The old lady pointed to my step-grandmother and said, “The child’s nose bleeds and you are not helping her? If you don’t, I will.” After that, the old lady disappeared. My mom never had another nosebleed after that.

When my mom told my father and other relatives about her dream, those of the older generation all said that the old lady she saw was my grandmother who had passed away years earlier.

Modern science could not offer any explanation for what happened to my mom.

I Saw Gods and Buddhas after I Started Practicing Falun Dafa

During the 1990s when Falun Dafa, an ancient spiritual discipline, spread to our town, I became interested and took up the practice. One morning in late autumn of 1998, when I finished doing the Falun Dafa exercises at the practice site, the assistant invited us to an elderly couple’s home to watch a video of different practice sites in China.

As soon as they started to play the video, I saw above a practice site rows of Buddhas in yellow kasayas sitting in the lotus position, descending from the sky, and landing around the practice site. Countless Falun (law wheel) images, big and small, were floating in the air like snowflakes. Many heavenly fairies were scattering flowers. I also saw large pillars reaching the sky from behind some practitioners, and others had three large pillars with flowers rotating on top of their heads and emitting enormous energy. What I saw was truly spectacular!

I Saw “Extraordinary Zhuge Liang” While Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

I was unlawfully held in a detention center in the fall of 2001 for refusing to give up Falun Dafa. Because I insisted on doing the exercises, I was chained to an iron chair with a big hole in the middle, like a toilet seat. There were chains across my chest and around my feet and a small metal plate in front of my chest, where they could put a bowl at mealtimes. My hands were cuffed behind the chair all the time. It was a very cruel form of torture.

I went on a hunger strike to protest. One night when the director of the center was on duty, he slandered Falun Dafa in the corridor when he was speaking to detained practitioners.

I said to a fellow practitioner next to me, “We cannot let him slander Falun Dafa this way. We must write a letter to him to clarify the truth.”

“It’s useless,” the practitioner said, “We have all written to him before but to no avail. You can write to him if you like.” She got me some paper and a pen.

On the weekend when the guards had their days off, I wrote several pages of a truth-clarification letter while still chained to the chair. I wrote that good deeds would lead to good rewards while evil actions would incur due retribution. I also wrote, “No matter what forms of torture you use, you cannot make Dafa disciples waver in their firm determination to cultivate in Dafa. My heart will forever remain steadfast in Dafa cultivation even if I die due to the persecution.”

I showed the letter to the fellow practitioner, who then gave it to the head of the cell to other inmates and said to me, “A pretty good letter, but you won’t be off the chair for a long time.” By then, I had been chained to the chair for two weeks and my legs and feet were badly swollen.

I didn’t think of anything and my mind was very calm. At 6 p.m., while I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt I was levitating, and I saw a man sitting in a roofless cart commanding thousands of troops battling with the enemy.

The thought of “Zhuge Liang” flashed through my mind, but I remained calm and went on sending forth righteous thoughts. When I finished and opened my eyes, everything was back to normal. “Even the extraordinary Zhuge Liang came to help Dafa disciples eliminate the evil,” I thought.

Zhuge Liang (181-234), a statesman, strategist, and prime minister of the kingdom of Shu in the period of the Three Kingdoms (220-265), is a symbol of resourcefulness and wisdom in Chinese folklore.

After reading my letter the next day, the guard took it to the director of the detention center. Not long after, the director came with a few male inmates and said to me, “You look rather pitiful, we’ll let you off the chair now.” He told a male inmate to fetch a bunch of keys from the office. He opened the door of our cell and unlocked all the chains. He told me to sit on my bed and told the male inmates to take the chair away.

From that day on, I did the Falun Dafa exercises every day in the detention center and no one ever bothered me again. Soon afterward, thanks to the great compassion and blessing of Falun Dafa’s Master, I left the detention center in a dignified manner, feeling very calm with strong righteous thoughts to continue cultivating in Dafa and to clarify the truth to more people.