(Minghui.org) We are pleased to announce the publication of an updated English edition of the Minghui International publication. A Chinese version was also recently published. Other language versions are expected to follow shortly. The format of the publication is a magazine totaling 16 pages. Images of the front cover and the interior spreads are presented below, as is a table of contents.

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Table of Contents

Front Cover -Inside This Edition

Introduction to Falun Gong -Introduction -Benefits of Falun Gong -The tradition of self-cultivation

Practicing Falun Gong -What does it mean to practice Falun Gong? -Practitioner Experiences

How to Learn Falun Gong -Introduction -Zhuan Falun -The Five Exercises -Choose how you'd like to get started

Health Benefits -Falun Gong renews health for millions -Practitioner Experiences -One Person's Story

Persecuted for Their Beliefs -Nearly 1 in 10 Chinese people had taken up Falun Gong -Arrested, Tortured and Killed

Propaganda as a Tool of Repression -Introduction -Peaceful Demonstration Portrayed as a “Siege of the Government” -Government Stages Burnings on Tiananmen Square -Falun Gong Wrongly Accused of Being Responsible for 1400 Deaths -The World Speaks Out -Organ Harvesting

Falun Gong in the Community -Practitioners Enrich the Lives of All They Touch

Back Cover -About Minghui.org -Four Easy Things You Can Do to Help Stop the Persecution

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